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To me, all hypnosis leads back to stress reduction. Stress reduction can help with other issues we face such as weight problems, addictions, fears, lack of sleep, and many more. It is really hard to find time to relax in this fast-paced world. I will teach you relaxation techniques to help you reduce the stress in your life or to help you deal with it as it comes. We all have stress, we have to learn to change the way we deal with it that will make all of the difference in the world.


Anxiety and fears can stop us from reaching goals in life. I cannot tell you how many times fear has stopped me in my tracks. Just remember, "fear will pass but regret is forever." Sometimes we need help finding out where our fears or anxiety are coming from. It could be something that happened to us as a child, or something that happened the day before. The subconscious holds the answers and can help you start to change your thoughts and behaviors to live a more fulfilling life. Sometimes I use something called NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), which helps change the way we think or feel about something. It could be as simple as changing the way you use language. Trading negative words for positive ones will create a whole new world for you. You deserve to live life to your full potential. 


As a personal trainer, I know some people suffer weight gain and some cannot gain weight at all. It all begins with letting go of stress and learning to be grateful or all that our bodies do for us now. Once we learn to make peace with our bodies we can begin to build on what is lacking in our lives. When we eat things that do not serve us it is usually because we are hungry for something in life we are not getting. If you can learn to fill yourself with love and truly believe it on a deeper level you will start to see change. Unless you change your mindset, you will always repeat the addictive behaviors. 
People ask me how many sessions it takes, but honestly there is no certain amount for this. It is different for each of us. I am still on my journey. I can offer tools to add to your own wellness toolbox to make this change for life. You have it within yourself to do this!
I will always be on your team!



It is so easy to pick at all of the things we do not love about ourselves. I believe it is time to start focusing on everything beautiful about yourself. When you start to love yourself the world around you becomes brighter and more beautiful than ever before. You will start to remove toxic people and situations from your life. When you are grateful for who you are and what you have to offer you will begin to be the best possible version of yourself. 

Your subconscious holds the answers to things you read and study but when it comes time to be tested sometimes the stress and fear causes us to block the answers. Learn to relax and allow the answers to come through during testing. 


Visualization is one of the most important things about enhancing any sport you are in. I am sure you have heard, "believe it, be it." It is all about your attitude and how you handle situations. Are you calm when the pressure is on? Do you have focus? Can you imagine yourself being at the top of your game? Hypnosis is a great way to practice your craft often. 


I am also certified in Life Coaching, but I really do not like to call it that. I like to call it a sharing session. This is not hypnosis, but just a conversation between two souls and sharing from the heart. This is where there is no judgment, only listening and understanding. I will guide you in learning the tools you hold within yourself to create a life that is unique to you. No one else walks the path you do, only you, so who better to look within and find the answers. I am only a guide. Sometimes it helps to share and explore. I always hope to add tools to your wellness toolbox, whether it is music, books, poetry, movies, meditation, or another person to share with. We are all connected. Life is beautiful that way. 


If sales are a big part of your job it can be stressful if we doubt our ability. Some of the main fears in sales is cold calling or just feeling you will irritate the person you are speaking with. It is a matter of changing the way you view sales. It can be as simple as changing your mindset about money. Money does not have to be evil and can in fact can be an energy used to better the world.


Some will say you just have to get through grief. I believe it never really leaves us. Once you experience loss whether, through a divorce, death, or some other loss, you learn to move through grief like a dance. 

I can offer trips down memory lane for a chance to say things you never got to say.


Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, going back in time and visiting your past lives is a way to resolve issues you have in this lifetime. 

You do not have to believe for this to work for you. 

I actually have a short e-course just for those who are curious about this modality. 

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